13,331,275 passwords. Is yours one of them?


This is a simple experiment to help you judge how secure your password is. We anonymise your password and check it against a database of password lists we found on the web.

Check your password now to see if it's in our database. If you use your cat's name, favourite band or your mother's maiden name it probably will be.


When you enter your password it's sent to us the same way you send your credit card details to pay for stuff online.

Once our servers get the password they make a digital fingerprint so we don't have to store your password. We can then check your password fingerprint against our huge database of passwords.


Our massive list of fingerprinted passwords isn't far from the list a real scammer would use to check against cracked password databases. We download lists from the same sources they use. So if a service or site you use has questionable data security and is compromised and your password is in our list it's only a matter of time before some enterprising miscreant is able to log into that website (and any others where you used the same password) as you. Even if you change it and it's on our list you are at risk.